Brief history

Short History and Profile of EUROINS INSURANCE AD SKOPJE

EUROINS INSURANCE AD Skopje is the fourth insurance company founded in Republic of Macedonia with license of working with insurance of property given by the Ministry of Finance in 1995 , registered on day 22.07.1995 in Skopje.
The mission of the then called Makosped Insurance AD Skopje was very ambitious and ofcourse a mission that was coming real. The mission was to become a leader of the insurance market. The company had high quality in all spheres of its working.

The result of the great work was achived , with positive financial results and the company showed its quality in the non-life insurance market.
One of the big steps was made in 2003 when the head of the management board brought decision for company expansion in the whole country , with formed sales network all around Macedonia , and expansion in the market with green card and auto insurance.

The biggest upheaval happened in March year 2008 when the company EUROINS INSURANCE GROUP (EIG) Sofia from Bulgaria (member of EUROHOLD BUGARIA AD) bought the major part actions of the company with over 90 % of the MAKOSPED INSURANCE AD Skopje main capital.
After this the company had its great rebranding in EUROINS INSURANCE AD Skopje leaving MAKOSPED INSURANCE AD Skopje in the history and heading to the higher level of the insurance bussines in the region.

In the terms with the Changes and the addons in the law for supervision of insurance , contribute for strenghtthening of the capacity of the company with financial power of 3.000.249,72 euros , now with more ambicous activity on the market .

EUROINS INSURANCE AD Skopje , now is a modern and dynamic insurance company with 150 and more employees in the all cities in Macedonia flowing with the step in the insurance activity in the principles of reality , but also with flexibility with the conditions of the market and tje needs of its clients.
The commercial model of the company has for aim to offer insurance products , that covers wide spectra of risks , assuring complex insurance offer for its clients.
Thr profile of EUROINS INSURANCE AD Skopje covers 10 classes of nonlife insurance with different risks :

  1. Insurance in a case of an accident – an accident (including industrial injury and professional illness ) , in a case of death or illness , present because of a injury
  2. Motor Casco
  3. Boat Insurance (Casco)
  4. Cargo Insurance
  5. Property insurance of fire and natural accidents ;
  6. Other property insurance
  7. Liability insurance for use of motor vehicles
  8. Liability insurance for use of boats
  9. General liability insurance
  10. Turist Help insurance for people that have problems on the road or other cases

Today , EUROINS INSURANCE AD Skopje presents collective of dynamic and educated staff who is ready to get in risks and are ready to get in every market space.
Now we are company with great expansion in the year 2008 in the insurance bussines , with widespread network in the country and with affirmated presence in the goal regional and administrative centers with the employees and the representatives in the insurance,
Originality , up to date , attractive . . . . these are the main marketing valuable goals of EUROINS INSURANCE AD Skopje. That is connection between emotions , art and promotion , where the permanent connection with the clients is the most important thing.